Hyperdawn launch ‘Bleach’ live at Soup Manchester 8.2.2019

Hyperdawn are getting prepped to launch Bleach in proper style at Soup Kitchen on 8th Feb! W/live lighting and new unreleased tracks.
SUUUPER EXCITED for this line up as we welcome Kit Records head honch/tastemaker Richard Greenan performing new music under his Devon Loch moniker for a rare northern show! AND! Andrew Hunt’s Dialect project of which his last album ‘Loose Blooms’ for Forest Swords’ Dense Truth imprint was a massive fave from 2018 and we’ve been desperate to hear these tracks in a club setting for aages. Erm….Don’t Miss
Thanks to Richard for the poster and special shout to Grey Lantern for hosting. TIX on sale now via RA

Them There Noods December show now archived

Gnod – the world is good

Bruce langhorne – ending

dbh – revelation drift

A silver mt Zion – 13 Angels

Dialect – three sisters theme

Asa Chang – Hana

brin – iJazz

Body-san – voices 3

Grouphums – Caleche

Preston field audio – moon kil sun

Fleetwood mac – beautiful child

Judee sill – man on love 

Le fruit vert – passiflore

Chris Ruffoni – st olaves granite labyrinth

Jacob Samuel – I don’t stand (ghost of a chance)

Elodie – la saison Blanche 

Marc Edwards – riding thru the rain (response)

Helm – I knew you would respond

Them There on Noods radio

Find us on Noods Radio Monthly, get us on our social accounts to keep up. Heres the Inaugural Them There radio show. Label fam and faves all over.

In the middle distance, theres a sense of being lifted.

Library of Babel – Blind Corners at Wild Dawn
MeiTei – Sento pt2
Hyperdawn – Laugh and Laugh
Laurel Halo – Do U Ever Happen
Nobu Uematsu – Sandy Badlands
j.b. glazer – Moon Face
Vashti Bunyan – If I Were
Dean Blunt – Moet Lean
Ratkiller – Pepelyuga Checklist:
Ssaliva – Netwind
Ian William Craig – Purpose (Is No Country)
Mary & David – Solar Spell
Jim Ghedi – Banks of Mulroy Bay
Hype Williams – TMP2
Rodelius – Poetry
1991 – Lidl
Carla Dal Forno – Italian Cinema
Rachel’s – Wally, Egon and

LONGING included in The Quietus top 5 tapes of August

“Despite the brilliantly murky production, the star of the record is definitely Bunny Hoova’s vocals. Her attitude, and anger, and sadness, and seductive whisper – it’s an impeccable document of the contorted mix of hope and despair that defines being young in Britain in 2019. These are late night headphone sing alongs that are as hard to hold on to as fog – which only makes them all the more tempting to stick on a loop.” – Tristan Bath

full article here