The Quietus on Compact Break

Tristan Bath included Compact Break in his top tapes of January.

“After a quiet slew of tape and digital releases via their own murky Jannet Power INC imprint, strange London-based producer j.b. glazer. emerges with their first fully realised album, Compact Break. Similar to fellow Londoner Klein, j.b. glazer inhabits fertile new ground between the outer reaches of ambient composition and experimental pop. Compact Break segues between sections like a muddy mixtape; it’s a post-digital suite of patchworked ideas. The instrumental miniatures – such as luscious highlights ‘Moon Face’ and ‘A iii’, both full of software keyboard notes bobbing up against each other like drunks in a wave pool – come from a very familiar urban midnight world. It’s the place where vaporwave jams ooze from car radios, street lamps flicker above shady characters, and couples stumble home through the dark arm-in-arm. Elsewhere, proceedings get all the more abstract and alien. Such as on ‘Meritocracy’, where radio snippets quietly overlap in the hintergrund as ultra-minimal beats slot into a rhythm somewhere between the gentle buzzing of power cables and a Moritz Von Oswald track. The menacing ‘Gardener’ weaves in leering processed vocals, formulating a vision of trip-hop as imagined by Wolf Eyes. To call it a grab bag of styles wouldn’t do this tape justice though. The mood coalesces far too cohesively.”

Compact Break Launch at Grow Tottenham

j.b. glazer launches ‘compact break’ on home turf down in that there London on 2nd feb! Line Up is looking really spesh. Show some love if youre about  Details below

Held at ‘Grow’ in Tottenham It will run from 4pm->10pm and will feature performances from:

Bianca Scout
(who performs on 2 of the album’s 15 tracks)

Ben Vince & Jacob Samuel
(who have made great records on their own and a mind blowing one together, also forthcoming)

A collaborative performance between Carl and Josh

+ j.b. glazer
(doing bits from the album and making new noise)

j.b. glazer announces ‘Compact Break’ landing on 2nd Feb!

We are so so excited to announce we’ll be releasing j.b. glazer‘s first physical solo release on the label early next year and its a banger 💥

Them There Records presents the latest offering from the London-based artist j. b. glazer. ‘Compact Break’ takes the grungy bedroom R&B experiments of glazer’s previous self-released titles to a new level of focus, creating a highly personal approach to outsider pop that settles somewhere way out there on its own. Glazer’s production talents have been stirring in the South London left-field beat scenes for a lil while. Following a recent single for Coby & Mica’s Curl Recordings meanwhile harbouring formative jams with friends like Klein and Ben Vince on his hard drive from many moons ago. Fair to say we’ve waited long enough for a fully realised album from j. b. glazer.

Listen to the first 3 here –

The Birley Studios x Them There Records

Huge thanks to all the brave bodies that faced the rain and made it out to our very special collaboration with the Birley Studios. Plenty more where that came from. Beautiful sounds and projections married in with friends in Preston’s finest exhibition space. See you next time – some photos from Saturday

Themselves : Chris Ruffoni

Chris drops an absolute wormhole of a mix detailing the influences behind ‘The Slope of our Directions’


Cosmic Neighbourhood – Snowflake
Delia Derbyshire – Pot Au Feu
Broadcast and the Focus Group – You Must Wake
Core of the Coalman – Bugs Below Underground
Hans Grusels Krankenkabinet – Another Miserable Day (Day 2)
Sugai Ken – Sasadaruma (feat. Sasada Tatsuro)
Giulia De Muittis – Hamadan
Monopoly Child Star Searchers – Bouganvillea’s Shallow Lobe (Premiere Desire)
Semya – Healing Potions
Shit Creek – Old Organic Fax Machine
Leigh Toro – Layers of Ash
Philip Jeck – Above
Ogoya Nengo and the Dodo Women’s Group – Arum

Them There x The Birley – Winter Gathering

Them There & The Birley align to conjure up a glorious afternoon of experimental art and music. Celebrating the end of another year for both parties with live performances from some of the North’s most enigmatic music makers. We welcome you to come get merry and join the festivities at The Birley Studios. The event will run from 3 – 9pm to make it as accessible as possible. Entry is free. This is a winter gathering not to be missed.


More details on the fb event!