Two years, two self released albums and various UK and international live shows later, j.b. glazer returns to Them There for another round of mutant club hitters and abstracted dungeon blues. Following on from the blinding 2018 debut album ‘Compact Break’ – ‘Divine Glint Music’ captures glazer working to the utmost extremes of his practice, wrestling with themes of duality to give rise to some of his most realised and polished work to date.

Divine Glint Music represents a stirring experiment in new production techniques for j.b. glazer, initiated through the reconstruction of forgotten collaborative material and the use of turntables as a compositional tool.

Announcing – Otis Jordan ‘Dodger Point’

New to Them There, a limited-edition cassette from Manchester born and Glasgow based multi-instrumentalist Otis Jordan. ‘Dodger Point’ captures Jordan’s most recent musical meditations recorded in bare-bones DIY style at home in Manchester in early 2020. It plays out as a cut and paste mixtape of fractured folk and field recordings, at times sounding like a long-lost archival recording of primitive tribal dance music. Instruments and objects – old, new, and borrowed – from the likes of fellow DIY enthusiast and cosmic wanderer Paddy Steer, are plucked, strung, hammered, and bowed into webs of rhythms and resonance.

Available here

LONGING included in The Quietus top 5 tapes of August

“Despite the brilliantly murky production, the star of the record is definitely Bunny Hoova’s vocals. Her attitude, and anger, and sadness, and seductive whisper – it’s an impeccable document of the contorted mix of hope and despair that defines being young in Britain in 2019. These are late night headphone sing alongs that are as hard to hold on to as fog – which only makes them all the more tempting to stick on a loop.” – Tristan Bath

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Bunny Hoova ‘LONGING’ Out Now


Bunny Hoova ‘LONGING’

Listen & Buy: http://bitly.ws/4t6g

VV excited to announce that bunny hoova‘s debut is now available worldwide. 13 tracks of positively perplexing pop, detuned to perfection. Experimental pop songs at their most seductive.

LONGING launch party will take place Soup Kitchen on 13/9 with guests j.b. glazer and Bianca Scout. More details soon

Huge thanks to everyone that has supported so far. This record really means a lot to the label we hope you love it like we do. Try before you buy on Spotify today.


“Domestic scenes, isolated farces, all told/sung against an ever-shifting backdrop of spartan beats, sludgy guitar work, and heat-treated samples. Cassette plastic melts into air. First things first, though, as “MINE” offers an audiovisual window into LONGING’s cosy interior. It’s a languid jam that, appropriately enough, roughly approximates a sea breeze on a sweltering day, with an airiness that is necessarily accompanied by a pervasive weight. Aftersun on that hard-to-reach burn. Real yin-yang shit”

Full Piece Here


Compact Break Launch at Grow Tottenham

j.b. glazer launches ‘compact break’ on home turf down in that there London on 2nd feb! Line Up is looking really spesh. Show some love if youre about  Details below

Held at ‘Grow’ in Tottenham It will run from 4pm->10pm and will feature performances from:

Bianca Scout
(who performs on 2 of the album’s 15 tracks)

Ben Vince & Jacob Samuel
(who have made great records on their own and a mind blowing one together, also forthcoming)

A collaborative performance between Carl and Josh

+ j.b. glazer
(doing bits from the album and making new noise)