Dummy Mag premier Pun Collins music video for ‘I Decay (idk)’

“Gearing up for the release of his new project under the Pun Collins pseudonym, Lunar Influence – and collaborations with Nico Niquo and Fumitake Tamura– Lacan today shares his latest single and visual for the album track ‘I Decay (idk)’, and it definitely feels as if he is at one with nature but, with such a claustrophobic wall of sound behind him, is almost lost in his own world.”

Watch the Video and Check the full feature here

Video: Schaus – Slush

“Slush In the midst of a demagogue, these lyrics reduce the trappings of academia to a slush. The ouroboros of theory and reality play out with history repeating itself as the statues cascade behind one another. The imagery morphs as the synths undulate and progress through a revelation in the track’s final act as the viewer is consumed by the snake. Slush is just the beginning of the journey of Handshake.”Schaus